Recent History

In 2011, at our annual meeting in Hilo, the officers and delegates discussed the future of our organization.  There were many concerns about geographic constraints and diverse areas of focus.  We invited Alicia Hetman, an AAUW Director-at-Large from California, to facilitate the discussion.  As the conversation continued, we came to an agreement that we still found value in the state level of AAUW. A strategic planning committee was created to re-structure the organization to better serve our mission.

Within a month, the strategic planning committee met in Honolulu and created a plan, which was then agreed upon throughout the state.  The plan was based on a new vision statement and a list of purposes to fulfill it.

Our vision statement:  AAUW-Hawaii connects branch members and assists them in advancing the AAUW mission on a local level.

We identified six purposes of AAUW-Hawaii:

    • to link members and branches
    • to involve members in decision-making
    • to facilitate unified programs
    • to provide resources for programs
    • to support the development of leaders
    • to promote public awareness of AAUW locally

After three years in place, the Strategic Plan was reviewed and revised by the state board members at a meeting held on the Big Island in September, 2014.  It was the intent of the board to keep the structure and functions of the organization responsive to the needs of the branches. To address the desire for a voice in state decisions affecting women, the board chose at this meeting to add a Public Policy Chair to our roster.  Dr. Susan Wurtzburg, UH Manoa, was selected to serve in that role, identifying pertinent legislation and informing members in order to encourage participation in the process.